A New Phase: Quiet City

Okay folks.

It’s time to share this thing I think. I’ve been working on it long enough.

Be-loved was the first time I put my thoughts to words and shared it consistently. It was a beautiful process of connecting with others who felt similar things I did, and just getting those things out in the open where they needed to be.

Be-loved taught me to be honest, even when it’s tough, because someone might benefit from it.

And now we have Quiet City. You can see for yourself, but if you were a consistent reader of be-loved I hope you will see the same person, continuing to learn, make mistakes and ask questions. I hope you will connect with some things on there, and I hope you’ll connect with me!

Anyways, I don’t want to ramble too much about it, go check it out!


As for be-loved? It will serve as the foundation of my creative work going forward, but don’t hold your breath for more posts on here, this stuff will be shared through Quiet City moving forward.

Peace, thanks for reading đŸ™‚



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