A New Phase: Quiet City

Okay folks.

It’s time to share this thing I think. I’ve been working on it long enough.

Be-loved was the first time I put my thoughts to words and shared it consistently. It was a beautiful process of connecting with others who felt similar things I did, and just getting those things out in the open where they needed to be.

Be-loved taught me to be honest, even when it’s tough, because someone might benefit from it.

And now we have Quiet City. You can see for yourself, but if you were a consistent reader of be-loved I hope you will see the same person, continuing to learn, make mistakes and ask questions. I hope you will connect with some things on there, and I hope you’ll connect with me!

Anyways, I don’t want to ramble too much about it, go check it out!


As for be-loved? It will serve as the foundation of my creative work going forward, but don’t hold your breath for more posts on here, this stuff will be shared through Quiet City moving forward.

Peace, thanks for reading 🙂



About Be-loved and other musings


Okay, now write something inspiring. No wait, just be real. Right… that’s the point.


The best creature that exists. totally unrelated

For whatever reason I landed back on an old video poem thing that I created a couple years ago. After the first few seconds of cringing at something so vulnerable that my slightly younger self had revealed to the world, I was startled to feel the emotion of it. I felt where I was when I made the video, where I was when I started this blog. And suddenly I realized that this blog was not as selfless as I’d like to have thought it was. It wasn’t just about trying to help other people feel loved. It was also about some part of me searching for something better. It was me expressing myself instead of keeping everything bottled up. It was a chance to be vulnerable. And it was an attempt to convince other people of a reality I was trying to convince myself of. That I was loved, that I was valuable, and that I mattered. For whatever reasons those ideas seemed ludicrous to me at the time. The blog was a way to start putting myself back together again, bring out the darkness in me and force it into light. It has been a painful, terrifying and extremely rewarding process to have this ol’ blog, and I’m so glad I did it.
Posts are getting fewer now mostly because I seem to have just enough time to pull myself together, and not so much contribute to this wonderful process that I often convince myself isn’t important. Also I think it started to get stranger and stranger to tell all this deep personal stuff to the Internet, even though it seemed to yield positive results.
I don’t really know what this blog is about right now, but I know these words are some of the few things I can find these days that isn’t trying to be perfect, or look it.

All I want to say is, it is cool to see how this blog helped me grow, learn, and come to love myself in the ways I have learned to, although I learn more each day. I guess maybe I’m not sure if I have as clear of a direction, or if I know what I have to tell lately. But maybe something will come to me. Or maybe whoever reads this could give me some advice on what I should write about. Or that my consistent rambling about life is something that I should keep doing. Or maybe I’m just tired and emotional and I’ll regret posting this in the morning.

Authenticity is hard to find these days, but I think we all know that it’s still important.

Peace and Love, thank you for reading to the bottom of this post during your likely busy day. I Hope you feel loved today


I Need Connection


It’s so much easier to write the resolution than the journey. But sometimes, in the moment of clarity you can see in retrospect what you needed. We continue forward, with the idea that we know what we’re doing, but often we don’t know what we were looking for until we find it.

This past week was difficult. With multiple final papers due, my schedule is wiped clean so I can sit down and write, research, repeat. I have a mixed relationship with writing essays. On one hand, there are great things to be learned in forming an idea using other people’s ideas. But mostly, this week I have denied myself most of what makes me feel whole in order to meet deadlines. And sometimes, that’s life.

This week, and many others, I forget how incredibly important it is to simply connect with another human. To be able to express the confusion and sorrow that we are feeling, and to hear that someone else feels it too. To my dear friend Anna, thank you for reminding me of what I had forgotten.

I hate loneliness. I hate it because it fills so much of our lives. It’s the reason I’ll have music playing wherever I go. It’s the reason there is always a tv on, a phone in hand, or a computer screen open. We live in a way that praises self-accomplishment, and individuality. We pride ourselves on our uniqueness, but at the same time we are terrified of being different enough that people won’t want us around. I try to find the balance everyday of satisfying the parts of me that want to be expressed fully, while trying to be normal enough so as not to stick out too much. And it’s not because I don’t know who I am. It’s because sometimes I’m not always sure who to be in the world.

But I live within this paradigm as if I understand its purpose. To achieve, to succeed, to compete, to be the best.
Because nothing, absolutely nothing is more satisfying to me than sitting across from someone who says “Yeah. I understand. I’ve been there” Nothing beats revealing the parts of you that are scared, insecure, overwhelmed and exhausted and for someone to recognize that within themselves. To be with someone in the depths of life, not just the surface. I’m so tired of walking around acting like i’ve got my shit together, like I’m on a train of amazingness and there’s no stopping me!
Or, on the other hand, connecting with others only by means of complaining. Of how life isn’t giving me what I wanted, and how I’m annoyed, angry or indifferent. When I am unable to express my real feelings and experiences with others, they get bottled up in my head and I begin not to trust myself. With no affirmation, no outward processing, no connection, I become the enemy of my own mind. I think that I must be doing something to feel this way, or else I blame the only good things in my life that I could place blame (aka my partner). I’m left up to my own devices, and let me tell you they are limited. Because I am just one experience. I am just one perspective. And I can’t fix everything myself.

I want to re-label “anxiety” with “need connection”. Because then I wouldn’t be able to cut myself short by saying “I’m going to stay in because I’m feeling anxious”. What’s really happening is I desperately need connection, but maybe i’m scared to be vulnerable. Maybe I’m convinced that I’ll figure it out on my own.

No. That’s not it Em, stop trying to be your own therapist.

I NEED CONNECTION. I need to joke about the ridiculousness of trying to write about the history of a marginalized group, as if “they” have one, a complete and documented story that can be told within 500 words. I need to talk about how I can’t stand walking into a classroom to sit beside one another to learn about how to show “empathy” when we could be connecting with one another and actually experiencing it. I need to talk about how I’ve been so emotionally overwhelmed that I try to control it by telling my partner he’s being selfish. I need to talk about how I want community, how I want to know people. I need to talk about how I don’t know how to navigate a world of “how are you” “fine” because all I want to say is “I am so freaking overwhelmed right now.”

I need connection. I need people. I need someone to say “Hey, it makes sense that you’re feeling that way, sounds like you have a lot on your plate”. Because yeah, I have a LOT going for me, and life COULD be worse, BUT THAT’S NOT A REASON TO DENY YOUR FEELINGS.

Because I am feeling. I am always, feeling. And I’m tired of just thinking about it. Labeling it “in my head” or “my mind is racing” and trying to push it away. Maybe our erratic minds and constant need to be doing something is because we are terrified to face the fact that we are lonely, and everybody else is busy.

I know people make a lot of empty promises these days. We make plans and cancel, we put that we “might” go to things on Facebook, and we settle for harmless, easy, conversation. But if you feel like talking about what’s really happening in you life, or what you’re feeling, or what you just realized, or what you’re really excited about, and you don’t know who to tell, I would really love to hear it. My email is emily.scott93@gmail.com, and since I am a university student, my computer is open almost all hours of the day. Feel free to email me the real “how are you” and I’d love to chat.

Alternatively, if you don’t feel like talking to me because a. you don’t know me b. you don’t want to email your feelings to someone on the internet… then please, if you need connection like I do, find the people in your life that care about you and let them know you need them. I don’t think we are good at needing people these days, but I’ll be the first to say that I do. And every area of my life starts crumbling down when I forget that.

Labels Part 1: Tomboy.


Just my monday best


Labels are useful. They help us to navigate our insanely complex and diverse world. Without them, well, how would you describe to someone that you wanted… that… hmm… how do you say it… see what I mean?
But labels can be limiting. Because they can begin to describe us in ways that we fail to realize, and sometimes it just seems easier to go along with it.
I’m calling this part 1 because hopefully that will force me to come up with lots more labels, instead of putting out one blog post every six months. Also because I think it is an important concept that greatly impacts our lives. Yep, just thought of another one, sweet, that means I’ll have a part 2.

Okay. Back to labels.

You could say it is because I grew up with three older brothers, or because I’ve always liked playing sports, or because I never really understood how to put make-up on “properly”.

Aside from specifics about my childhood, my whole life I have been a “tomboy”. The girl that gets along with the guys, that likes to play soccer at recess, wears her brother’s old sport shorts, and chooses sneakers over flats (that one just makes sense, “girl” shoes are not made for comfort).

But this is not about me complaining of how that label ruined my life, or how it is wrong or misleading. Because sure, if you want to put me under a stereotype, I am someone who might fit nicely into that narrow category.

No, this is about how when you accept a label, you can fail to see beyond it for fear of breaking the mould that has been set for you.

To be honest, I don’t understand a lot of what it means to be a “girl” in this society. I don’t feel comfortable in heels, I don’t like wearing a whole bunch of stuff on my face because then I have to wash it off at night and I have many more things I’d rather be doing… like sleeping. I don’t understand why my legs are supposed to be clean shaven, when the hair on my head and eyebrows and eyelashes is perfectly acceptable. I don’t understand why girls have to fight for lead roles in society, and I definitely don’t understand why I’m supposed to have a different dress for every occasion. I don’t understand why boys clothes are made better, while I try to stay warm in a see-through sweater. I don’t understand why style can be used to assign sexuality or gender. Most of all, I don’t see why any of those are relevant to the fact that I can bear children and my older male siblings cannot (at least that’s what they told me in sex-ed).

I don’t understand a lot of things. Mostly I don’t understand why not understanding should place me into a specific category.

At first I fought that label tooth and nail, afraid of being an “in-between”, afraid of not fitting in. Eventually I accepted it, and tried to fit every corner of that label.

Now, well now I just try to live.

See, when you accept what people say you are, you stop progressing beyond it. There have been so many times that I have been afraid of doing anything deemed “girly”, because people don’t see me that way, and I knew I would be pointed out. I acted like I didn’t care about being different, until I started to think that all I would ever be was different.

Truth is, I will always be different. As different as everyone else I guess. But when we get wrapped up in trying to match a label we end up being the same, all trying to fit into something that makes sense.

Yeah, sometimes I want to act like a “girl”. Sometimes I want to act like a “boy”. But mostly, I think those labels have been set in place so there is an easy, predictable path for us to take, not because it is who we are.

I am a diverse, multifaceted person who likes to do what makes sense to me in a confusing and unpredictable world. And if that makes me a “tomboy” so be it, but you will never ever know who I really am if you settle for reducing my individuality to one simple category.

And so I challenge everyone reading this to think about what labels have been ascribed to you. What do people tell you that you are? Do you really feel that way? Or do you have other dreams and visions that don’t fit as nicely into categories?

You are complex, and will probably always be somewhat misunderstood. That’s okay, let your true colours shine whether or not anyone else can make sense of it. Because you can live your life being told who you are, or you can go out and figure it out for yourself.

Speaking of being loved…

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Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 10.02.52 PM

Have a great day!

Freedom lies in path of your passions

IMG_9073What if freedom, what we all want, is specific? Not to a universal truth or common ideology. Though we are similar, what if we truly are inherently different?

What if what you need is what you need to find out for yourself?

I have begun the arduous journey of discovering that a lot of things we are told are not based on truth. Correction, MANY of the things we are told are false. The way to dress, talk, behave, pursue, succeed, love, hate, it is explained somewhere.

But I must pose the question: There seems to be limitless answers, so why don’t we live in utopian bliss? Because the answer for one may not ring true for another. I believe at best, answers are an attempt for truth, but there is something missing.

Sometimes as I scour the internet, and watch films exposing injustice, I discover a world of artificial truths, and feel defeated. I feel lied to, manipulated and discouraged. It causes me a great deal of emotional turmoil to discover that many things I have believed for as long as I can remember, may not in fact be true. They may not even be based on my well-being. Maybe I should have known this earlier, maybe a lot of you already are aware of this, through direct experience of false truth.

However, I do know I am not the only one who feels confused. I could let it beat me. I could curl up in a ball and choose not to believe what anyone says. I could become bitter, resentful and angry. I could fight fire with fire and violently aggress against those that enforce unethical bounds to our very existence.

But at the end of the day, I do not have the answer either. I do not know anyone who does, and I’m not sure one answer exists. Recently I have been made aware of many false ideas, yet the revealing of truth is specific to those areas. Uncovering the reality of one situation does not always generalize to an ultimate solution. That would be great, but it is not something I have been able to witness thus far.

So we are left with our capacity for wonder, our ability to imagine and create. We are left with our curiosity, thirst for knowledge, and innate need to survive. We reside within these bodies for a period of time, longing to be fulfilled, longing to be nourished.

We are told that we must work for it. That success does not come without hard work. But we have begun to associate that synonymously with monetary success, and forgotten what that actually produces.

When you look at your life, and what you desire to accomplish, how much of it is based on other people?
How much of your life is dedicated to responding to what you’ve been told?
How many hours of your day to you spend working hard towards a goal you don’t intrinsically desire to meet?
If the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results then I beg you to stop for just a second.
Stop and think about times in your life where you have felt joy, happiness, success, freedom, love and belonging. What is it that has made you feel like life has a purpose? I do not ask what your purpose is, because that is a question we are asked constantly that may or may not have an ultimate truth to it.
Maybe it has been a long time since you felt purpose, maybe you have been convinced that you were destined to be whatever it is that you currently are.

But what if we believed freedom was relative? That our needs might in fact be unique? What if you saw yourself as a someone who has the inherent ability to fulfill your own specific needs?
Then it becomes a matter of figuring that out, of working hard to fulfill the needs that you actually require. You can become empowered by your own existence, knowing you hold truth within yourself. Working hard becomes less about providing the financial security to allow for basic survival. Instead it becomes the search for fulfillment, whatever that may be.

If you are unhappy with who you are or where you are at, take a moment to think about what you want. What you really want.
Now think about what you are currently doing.
How many of those wants are consistent with your ideal reality? How many are you unsure of? How many are directly in opposition with them?

Sometimes I think we are afraid to know what we want, because we know how hard it will be to pursue it. Because of money, adversaries, geography, time, lack of support and lack of belief in ourselves.
But spending our days chasing after something that we KNOW we don’t want, is never going to get us closer to a purposeful life.

Your value is not in the money you earn.
It is not in the materials you attain.
It is not the people you know, the places you’ve been.

There is value in what you want. What you really, really want.
What you would do for free. What you would sacrifice everything for. It is not restricted to a career, or lifestyle. It is what you want people to say about you when you’re gone.
Whether you believe life has a reason and purpose or not, you have the ability to create it, because you are alive, and you always have something to offer.

When you don’t want what they want, that does not mean you have failed. It means you have a different idea of what success is.

And here is the ultimate challenge. What is it that you want, that can also make someone else’s life better? Is your want simply about personal gain, or is there a way you can meet with a greater need?

“Vocation is where our greatest passion meets the world’s greatest need.” – Frederick Buechner

The world needs you. It needs your pursuits, desires and passions.

Me? I have new goals everyday. Seriously, it could be considered a hobby.

I want truth, and direction.
I want to contribute to a system that reaps and sows equality.
I want to erase cognitive dissonance from my life.
I want to depend on others, and not attempt to live life by my own strengths.
I want to experience art, and new realms of creativity.
I want to experience my skill set based on what it is that the world needs from me.
I want to feel free to express my deepest desires, and be excited about them.
I know that life has meaning. I want to cultivate that and erase the meaningless pursuits that strip it of its worth.
I want to know what love is at its best.

Seek first. Know after. Follow Freedom. Love unconditionally.

I Don’t Know.

DSC_0776Every day we are surrounded with certainty.

In the rules that we live by.
The laws that govern our behaviour.
The fashion trends that tells us what is acceptable.
The norms that shape who we think we are allowed to be in a given situation.
We see people in their roles, careers and religious beliefs
And so many of them just seem so…freaking… certain.

They seem certain of their place in the society.
They seem certain of who they are, and who they will be.
They seem certain of what is right, wrong, important and not.


Because being vulnerable and honest is not what we do naturally. It’s what we do in the safety of the very few people who make us feel we can be truly ourselves. It is what we so desperately desire to be at the core of our most treasured relationships.
Not having it all together isn’t the way we approach our lives.
Not knowing what we feel, believe, want, desire or need isn’t the “way of the wise”.

Yet, all the while, people are ready to tell you what you need to have it all.
What things, what jobs and what hobbies.
The things that will ultimately lead you to a better life.

But what happens when you just don’t know?
When you don’t know what you want out of life.
When you don’t know what you believe.
When you don’t know WHO to believe.
When you want something else.

What then?

You can try. God knows you can spend your whole life trying to be better, smarter and looking for the solution.

Or you can say “I don’t know”.

You can say “I don’t know” to your career.
You can say “I don’t know” to your dreams.
You can say “I don’t know” to yourself, to others, to the world.

But don’t stop there. You don’t have to know to move forward. In fact moving forward without certainty is often what leads us to the most incredible things.

“I don’t know” is saying “I’m willing to be surprised”
“I don’t know” is saying “there is more than this”
“I don’t know” is saying “I’m not and will not pretend to be perfect”

Don’t let anyone tell you that not knowing means you have failed. Don’t let anyone tell you that “I don’t know” is synonymous with “I’ve stopped looking”.

I believe that sometimes “I don’t know” is the best answer.
Because it is HONEST. And I believe we spend too much of our lives pretending we are satisfied in the answers we have given in to for lack of better options.

If you don’t have the answer, That is OKAY.

I don’t either.

I want to say goodbye to false certainty, and look forward to a life of “I don’t know”.

Because no matter how hard we try to know, sometimes we just don’t.

4 tips to ease the mind of an over-thinker

10248755515_7859b0be20_kOkay, I believe it’s time I admit to myself what I am. At the risk of oversimplifying, I’ll take my hours of over thinking and declare myself an over thinker.
Do I know the extent of which another might be thinking? No.
Do I know the perceived “natural” amount of thinking that one should experience within the span of a day? No.

But I know this.
For as long as I can remember I have been one to examine everything.
I wonder why people are doing what they are doing in every environment that I enter.
I analyze my interactions with every single human being, sometimes to the point where I forget what we were actually talking about, instead remembering what my body language may have conveyed.
I journal, sometimes to remember things, mostly to try and get some of the exploding amounts of thoughts out of my head and onto paper.
I often can’t sleep at night, as I spend the hours before rest reflecting on the day and organizing the one ahead. My dreams are filled with what I can only presume is thought overload with less resistance.
When it comes to relationships, I weigh the pros and cons of them, and doubt my place in life, society, all of it.

Okay before you conclude that I’m a little insane and move on to Buzzfeed, I’m betting many of you can connect with at least some of these experiences. If not, you must be a satisfied individual with whom I am greatly envious of, and would like to sit and enjoy a coffee with you.

For anyone who can identify with the experience of overwhelming thoughts and emotions. For anyone who wonders about existentialism, spirituality, meaning, purpose, vision, freedom etc… and can’t seem to turn it off, here is my attempt at easing the insanity that is our lives. While there have been many times where I resent my over-active mind, I also believe it can be a blessing. Although I have the capacity to feel deeply dark emotions, it goes both ways as I can and do experience the incredible joys of life as well.

So I’m choosing to accept it. There, I said it. I’m an over thinker. Now i’m going to go sit in my bed and hypothesize about who is reading this and what they are thinking about me… but first some tips:

1. It does not matter if you are an introvert or extrovert, if you classify yourself as an over thinker, you NEED alone time. I used to think it was scary. Now I love it. Heck, today I was alone pretty much all day, biked around town running errands and by the end I felt fantastic. I used to think that the only way I could achieve satisfaction and happiness was through relationships and communication with other people. I would have identified as an extrovert, and I hated having to spend time alone because that meant I might have to mull over the oblivion that is my mind. Now I crave the alone time. Why? It lets me process without the stress of more incoming information. I can think about what has been going on, process, analyze, move on. I can think for a while, and then spend the rest of the time doing something that makes my brain happy, like build something or play guitar. Seriously, don’t ever feel bad for needing time alone. Don’t feel guilty for leaving early, or feel the need to apologize for keeping your down time sacred. Just as you would schedule in a lecture or meeting, try scheduling yourself in for some good ol’ fashion me time, and see what your mind does when it has the chance to slow down.

2. You can’t fix everything at once even though you want to. I have this problem where I want to learn a million new skills and I convince myself I need to learn them all at once as soon as I discover them or else I will amount to nothing (overthinking in its prime). But reality is, if it takes me 10 years to write a book, build a desk, or learn to play the banjo, I am still a valuable person. If you have ever overwhelmed yourself with thoughts and ideas of all the tasks you should and must complete, take it down a notch. Pick one, maybe two things to focus on. And try them until you are ready to move on. Perhaps one will stick with you and you will see it through to perfection… er amateurism. Or perhaps it will totally suck, either way, just choose. Try separating by days, weeks, months or years. It doesn’t matter. You don’t have to be busy all of the time, you don’t have to be bettering yourself at every moment. Just chill, be unproductive even, it’s okay. I’m learning how to be more okay with this from my wicked cool basement roomie (you know who you are).

3. Just stop and do you.

Sometimes we have this idea that there is a way we “should” be feeling in a situation.

“I should be having fun because I’m at a party with lots of people and it’s rowdy and everyone else looks super stoked!”
“I should be stoked that i’m in lecture learning this crazy scienc-ey stuff, it’s super interesting… I think!”
“I should be wearing this, or saying this, or laughing like this, or umm…”

Okay I’m lost.
Maybe everyone you know likes parties, except you. Stop feeling like you’re weird and just accept the fact that you have your own individual personality and there are probably other people who feel the way you do but are too afraid to say so anyways! Go with how you feel, because you’re probably right.
No, I’m not saying avoid every social interaction because you’re not sure if you will like it. Yes, I am saying what you like and don’t like is completely up to you, it can change, and you have every right to feel it. Maybe you need to find new people to hang out with. Maybe you need to say No and see who follows. Maybe you need to STOP thinking about what people will think and just do you!

4. Spend some time with someone who you don’t have to put on an act with. Someone who doesn’t make you examine your responses, body language or decisions. This could be your mom, brother, sister, friend, dog… it doesn’t matter. Someone that lets you be you. Someone that isn’t expecting anything. Someone that you can watch tv for four hours with, and not say a word. Everyone deserves to have at least one person like this, and if you don’t at the moment, repeat step 1.

That’s all the steps I have for you today.
Remember, thinking is good, but it can be overkill.
So give your brain a rest, you deserve it.

Photo Attribution: Sebastien Wiertz

There’s only one way to eat an elephant


A piece at a time. 

Heard this quote from a documentary named “I Am”. Strange, but true. Don’t worry you’re not about to read about elephant delicacies, you can relax. It’s about the process.

The people you see changing the world. It started with one thing. With one idea. With one accomplishment. With one failure. With one frustration.

Sometimes the world feels unfixable. Overwhelmingly broken and tarnished. Sometimes we feel like it’s easier to go along with it. That may be somewhat true, it is easier to go with the flow. It’s easier to not try.

Yet ease is not always synonymous with happiness. It may be viewed that way sometimes, as we seem to see the ease at which some live in ultimate wealth. But as we chase ease, we ignore fulfillment.

Maybe you have been told a million times to never give up. Maybe you have ben expected to.

Never give up.

On your dreams, your desires, your journey.
On love, hope, and possibility.

I don’t believe life is about living in ease as it is about living a full life because you have put forth the effort to fill it.

And you can do it. You can do it because everyone starts somewhere. And I think starting is the hardest part. Starting is being vulnerable. It is knowing that you very well could fail. but not starting means you will, every time.

You can do it because nothing else will ever grant you the same satisfaction. you can distract yourself with money, people, technology. But nothing will ever compare to the satisfaction that will come from seeking something true.

I find myself overwhelmed with confusion at the idea of seeking truth. There are many lies, many proclaimed truths, yet none seem to answer all of my questions. None seem to satisfy.

And so I have decided that it is the search that matters. In everything. The search for healing. The search for overcoming your struggles. The search for love, truth and joy.
It is not the answer that lies somewhere for us to find. It is the act of seeking out something better, something more true and more real.

Don’t give up. Everyone has to start somewhere. One day, one decision, one act. One choice to better yourself by deciding that you are deserving and able to experience the fullness of life. Whatever that might look like for you.

Don’t believe the idea that it’s not worth it. Don’t believe the idea that you’re not good enough. Don’t believe the idea that you are not the one who could overcome.

You can. You will. I believe in you

Here is a poem I wrote on fulfillment, or heaven as some might call it

When goodness overwhelms you, darkness is appealed

When happiness seems normal, the depths now a stranger

When hope is imminent, the future looks bright

When music is beautiful, each note ignites your soul

When company is perfectly imperfect, community is the ultimate union

When smiles are real, and laughter is uproarious

When passions are utilized, in a culture of variety

When love is alive, because there is trust

When money is unnecessary, because humanity is equal

When people see physical differences, as a celebration of uniqueness

When the outside drew you to the inside, it has nothing to hide

When time is stopped, because your capacity is only this moment

When compassion is redundant, because inequality doesn’t exist

When thieving ceased, because thy self is enough

When violence was torn, because there is no such thing as comparison

When distractions are nil, because the present is engaging

When exercise is not fitness it is being alive, and moving is the product

When art was expanding, the notion of creation

When love is everything, all we could ever need.


Photo Attribution: Stuart Bassil