We are all creative


I love to ask people what they love to do for fun in hopes of indirectly sparking conversation on creativity. See, many people will tell me that are not creative if I ask about art or personal creative interests. Receptive of many creative forms sure, but not producers of it.

I do not for a second believe that there is any person that is not creative. So if you tell me that you are not I will always disagree.

As Jason Silva talks about in the video above, I really believe that there is something inside of you that you don’t really understand. Something that is begging to be recognized. Something that fills you with a sense of accomplishment and harmony. Creativity is something we all have the capacity for, and when we fulfill that we are met with a peaceful contentment. One that is quickly replaced by the desire to continue the process, to break the ceilings of what has been done before.

Creativity is both personal and shared. It is an expression of you that you can choose to give to the world, yet at the same time it is a development of yourself that will propel you forward. Creativity is doing something where you don’t know why it is right, all you know is that it is. You don’t know the answer, but creativity is the search for it. It is always crossing the line, it is always expanding. Creativity is growth, stepping out into the unknown. It is confusing, it is mysterious, and it is misunderstood. But creativity is what gives us life, and it is in the moments that make us feel alive.

Maybe you are not a painter. Maybe you are tone deaf and would never be caught dead in front of a crowd. There are forms of creativity that we commonly consider “artsy”, which I believe is a massive understatement of the concept.
Creativity isn’t just being “good” at something, it is just doing something with purpose and always striving to improve. It is expressing the energy that is inside of you, about sending out the signal from within.

It is about living with abandon, not knowing what you are doing but knowing that you are fully immersed in it. It has been described as the “flow” state, where all else falls away. You are completely absorbed, completely present. In a world where we are constantly fearing the future and dwelling on the past, I can’t think of anything more magical than being fully absorbed in the moment.

I think if we redefined what creativity is, we might see that part of being human is being creative. The ability to solve problems, adapt, move forward and overcome obstacles. Sometimes we just need to find the obstacle that we want to break through.

For me, creativity begins with believing that I possess it, that I have something to create. Then, it becomes about an exploration of a practice, any practice. Writing about what I think about the world, in ways that are deeply personal and unique to my experience. Singing in a way that makes me lose my sense of self and just float above it in a state of pure enjoyment. Making random things from an idea in my mind. Going somewhere new without having anything planned. Cooking something new, meeting someone new, trying something new. It always requires effort, but the reward is always worth it. Through creativity I discover the infinite nature of life, and a limitless number of possibilities.


No two people are creative in the same way, so creativity must never simply be about competition. It is authentic, true and honest. The best part about true creativity is that nobody has the right to criticize its merit, so long as it is true for you (and not harming anyone else…).

We often let others create for us, so we can reap the benefits. Music, technological innovation, science, movies, the things we’d be lost without. But nothing compares to being lost in a creative moment. Knowing that you are contributing something absolutely unique to the world. And that’s a beautiful thing.

You are creative. I can promise you that. If you have discovered ways in which you have recognized your creative ability please do let me know, I would love to hear! If not, keep searching, I believe in you!

Sending vibes of love,



Is it time to stop over analyzing?


I tend to give everything meaning. Positive meaning, negative, doesn’t matter. Most things that happen to me in a day are usually analyzed to have depth of meaning. Sounds like a lot of work, I know. I think that happens as a result of wanting to be in control, wanting to know what comes next, wanting to understand where people are coming from. Sometimes I associate meaning with things that perhaps don’t need one at all.

We do this all the time in romantic pursuits. I doubt anyone can say they have never attached undue meaning to another’s actions in order to understand the intent of their behaviour.

I want things to have meaning because that means I might be able to understand it. I might be able to figure it out, even just a little bit. If he sent me that text, it must mean something. If they didn’t show up, they definitely are not interested.

Life just gets a little simpler if we know the meaning of it.
Wait, no it doesn’t.

Does it even have meaning, or is it all meaningless? Are we supposed to know how to interpret what things carry meaning and what does not? Am I too fast to interpret, to quick to jump to conclusions? Do we need to refrain from associating meaning?

To tell the truth, it is all quite overwhelming. Being a deep thinker definitely has its downfalls. Especially when you make someone out to be someone other than who they are, simply because you are trying so hard to understand them.

Yet, amidst the confusion, I think that everything really does have meaning. Everything has a purpose, everyONE has a purpose. But maybe we don’t have to understand it for meaning to exist. Maybe the mystery of living among a population so wonderfully different than you is what keeps it interesting.

Do we really think we can figure each other out? Do we even want to?

What might it look like to accept the mystery? To not know what comes next, to be surprised by people?

Would our relationships crumble under the confusion, or would they revel in the mystery?

For anyone who is an over thinker like me, it sounds quite terrifying. Yet still I hope to be surprised. I hope that my negative thoughts may be proven wrong, I hope to learn from people. If we are less prone to attaching meaning, people might have a better shot at a second chance. If we let people change, we let them remain a mystery. Perhaps we could have the space to spend our time discovering their unique beauty rather than shrinking them into our idea of who they should be.

I like meaning, because it is exciting and it brings understanding. But I think we could all use a little more mystery. Sometimes not knowing is what can bring us to trust in better things. To trust the best in someone rather than the worst. To assume good, forgive the bad.

I can be so quick to complain of the society that tells me who to be and what to do, while at the same time convincing myself of meanings more false than any advertisement.

I believe life is meaningful, we need to believe in that. But not understanding the meaning doesn’t mean you are lost. Stepping into the unknown takes more courage then standing back to admire your superior understanding ever will.

It is meaningful. It is mysterious. It all matters.